Monday, November 03, 2008

Paying a Premium to be Female

An editorial in today's NY Times called attention to the fact that women often pay more than men for the same health care insurance coverage. They are also excluded from eligibility by conditions that are uniquely female: having had a c-section for example.

The editorial mentioned that women fortunate enough to obtain coverage may find that maternity care isn't covered. I would add that even those policies that cover maternity care do so only when it's provided in a hospital. Ixnay on the omebirthhay.

This type of information is rarely surprising. Last week our office was buzzing about a study that said heterosexual marriage added seven hours a week of work to the woman's load and decreased the man's by two hours. My colleagues appreciated confirmation of what they felt to be true, but no one found the study enlightening.

Similarly, are we surprised health care is a little harder to get or pay for by the women in our society? Sadly, no.



Anonymous Kristina said...

Is this coming from the Victorian age where women were thought of as fragile? If...I...can...just...get...that...

(as you can see I just made my way through "Pushed")

3:52 PM  

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