Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Damn Creepy Guys

I was greeted by this in my e-mail this morning:

Department of Public Safety

BULLETIN DATE: Sept. 1, 2008

OFFENSE: Attempted abduction

LOCATION: South of campus near Packard Road and Independence Street (near Fraser’s Pub)

An unknown man reportedly approached two young women in separate incidents after dark Aug. 31 and attempted to push each one into a nearby minivan, the women told the Police Dept. One woman reported she was jogging in the area about 9:40 pm when she was approached and the second female reported an incident one hour later. In each case, the woman fought off the man and succeeded in escaping without injuries.
Just last night I was complaining how I hate it that I can't run where and when I want without fear. As any road runner (or cyclist) knows, traffic lights are a pain in the rear. Your rhythm is thrown off, not to mention any consistent measure of your time. And every intersection bears the risk of a collision, flesh with metal.

But traffic lights are at intersections of major roads. This runner keeps to major roads because of visibility. It's going to be harder to pull me into a van if you have to put on your hazards to pull over, and cars are regularly passing in both directions.

I run on major roads.

Now I see that a major road, in a "good" part of town, was the site of two attempted abductions last night, an hour after I was out running. And these were bold attempts. Dragging a woman off the street into a van!

I already avoid the public bus in the afternoon, to no small personal inconvenience, because of one particular creepy guy. I'm starting to think I may need to become a gym rat for the same reason.

It really is enough to make one want to carry a concealed weapon. This from Ms. Peace and Love.

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