Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What did I tell you?

The mantra, the mantra, the mantra. You gotta say it, you gotta believe it.

For this doula, the mantra is, "This will all work out."

Say it with me, 'cause you KNOW I was saying it Saturday morning when, as I did my final walk through of our new house, my client called to say she was in early labor. We'd already picked up the moving truck. Our friends were showing up in 1/2 hour to start helping with the move. But did I freak? Nah. I just said the mantra and finished the walk through.

And wouldn't you know, her partner called me just as we were finishing unloading the last items from the last truckload to say they'd like me to come over. My spouse was about to order pizza for the moving crew. All I'd miss was dinner. And bedtime. And unpacking.

Still, I had faith. "This will all work out," I said, as I changed clothes, put on fresh deodorant, brushed my teeth and jumped in the car.

When I got to my client's house, she was just deciding it was time to go to the hospital. I was only at her house 15-20 minutes before we left. She was at the hospital less than an hour when she pushed out her precious little one.

It was a great birth and she's written a great account of it that I'll see if I can share. In the meantime, I couldn't be happier that my fastest birth to date kindly happened on a day when I most appreciated it. It really all worked out.

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Blogger Rebecca said...

Love it. It does always work out, doesn't it? I just had a long weekend away with girlfriends, and I was CONVINCED I would get called to a birth while there and that I would have to leave the event. (It was 3 hours away from my client.) Much to my (and the mother's) surprise, she didn't go into labor over the weekend.

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