Thursday, March 06, 2008

quick update

The internet service is out at home and has been for 5 days, so this is a quick post from work. I also want to keep it short so we don't lose sight of the previous post, which is generating such a fabulous set of birth stories. Each and every one is touching and dear. Thank you all!

I have a client due in 2 weeks and another just signed on for the end of April. That may be it for a little while as May and June are nutsy with the end of (the boys') school and the start of (the boys') vacations. Plus, we are putting our house on the market this weekend. I won't go into the details here, but we've pumped more energy, time and money into our wee bungalow the past 10 days than we did the previous 7 years we've lived there!

More soon.



Anonymous Julie said...

OMG! Have you found a house???

12:48 PM  

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