Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iaterogenic prematurity

The New York Times reports the fastest growing segment of premature babies is in the 34-37 week gestational age group. Moreover, researchers suspect unwarranted Caesarean deliveries are "causing" many of these early births.

"It is often hard to tell from medical records exactly why a Caesarean was done," reports the article. Amen.

My only client to have a scheduled C-section did so officially because of "suspected macrosomia" -- big baby. That is what is in her charts. What is NOT in her charts is that she had professional experience dealing with babies who had aspirated meconium, most of whom were post-dates, and did not want her baby born any later than her due date. When she had not started dilating by week 39, her doctor told her induction would end in a C-section anyway, "diagnosed" and scheduled her.

Fortunately none of my clients have been pushed to induce or deliver before their babies were full term. Nor have they pushed their doctors to induce or deliver early. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case for the U.S. in general.

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