Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday night quarterbacking

as overheard in our kitchen at 10:00 last night:

me: These cookies are taking a LOT longer to make than I expected. I mean, the dough was a snap to mix but baking and cooling each batch...c'mon!

spouse: Well, you know what they say.

me: Yeah. The really great ones can always step it up a notch...

spouse: Dig a little deeper...

me: Build on a small change in momentum...

spouse: Fight through adversity...

me: Move. I gotta get to the oven.

I am a holiday baking warrior.

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Blogger Kniterella said...

The cookies and reactions are always worth the work, yes?

My mouth is watering - our cookie baking will reconvene Sunday.

9:37 AM  
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