Saturday, November 24, 2007

Little Projects and Leftovers

Here are 3 quick projects I've been working on lately.

First, a korknisse. There will be more. I started a mate to this when another project got in the way. I'll be back to these because this one was so much fun.


Next, a fun little hat I made with some Briar Rose Fibers' Sonoma that I've had for over a year. Isn't it pretty?


And a gratuitious top view to show the richness of this perfect fall colorway. The pattern as such is just my own fiddling.

BRFHat top

Finally, some mittens I've decided to call "Leftovers." This is because they were knit from yarn left from other projects and because they have all the lackluster of yesterday's feast. My spouse kicked off his Thanksgiving vacation by losing his only pair of gloves. With a cold snap forecast and shopping off our radar for a few days, he lamented the cold hands he'd have until next week.

I surprised him (and myself) by whipping up some mittens -- my first ever. They took less than 48 hours to make. The first mitten is horrible. I made the thumb both too long (or too high?) in the gusset and too short in overall length. It's not so much a thumb casing as a backpack. Then I knit the finger length too short. My sweet spouse kindly said, "well the hand has a natural curvature." It sure does when it's curled into a too small mitt.

The second one (which I've placed on top for aesthetic reasons) went much better. I found out several places where I'd misread the pattern the first time and I trusted the pattern (Ann Budd's from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, a great investment) and my measurements more...both to positive effect.

leftover mittens

I've put the details about needles and yarn on ravelry (I'm "doulicia" there, too).

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Blogger Chris said...

alicia!!!! you go girl!!!! the hat and mittens are just wonderful! I hope to see you soon and brng those projects! I love to see things made form my yarn and your mittens are VERY cool

7:39 AM  
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