Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lost in a Ravely Reverie

I haven't wanted to rub it in for those of you still waiting, but I got my Ravelry invitation last week. I was a little slow to start -- making sure not to do it at work. But now I'm trapped tighter than a fly in a spiderweb.

I used the 15 minutes of good light between when I got home yesterday and sunset to begin photographing my stash. I spent more time before bedtime than I'm willing to share uploading photos to flickr. I even DREAMED about Ravelry last night.

Others with new toys (or new to Ravelry) have probably had a comparable revelation, but as I was heading to bed late (I mean late) last night, I thought, "Do I want to electronically organize and chronicle and photograph my knitting, or do I want to KNIT?" There is only so much time and one can spend it doing or thinking about doing and having done.



Blogger Shells said...

I've been in Ravelry since the beginning of June. I can tell you that it gets easier and faster once you get your projects in there in the first place. Then when you start something new, it takes no time at all to get that project profiled and add information as you go. I do love it!

I am "Shells" over there if you ever want to look me up. I also know that there is a group for Doula's, Midwives, and childbirth educators. I would think you might enjoy that!

Have fun!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Spincerely said...

I agree with Shells, when you first start at Ravelry, it is a HUGE time suck, but after you are all set up, you can have fun and browse and look around and stuff. I think it is going to actually save time once all the info is there. For example, if you have a project hibernating and you have even removed the needles for another project, but let's say in a year you would like to work on it again, then you can just click on it and remember what size needles you were using and then you can click a few more times and see how everyone else's projects turned out and any advice they may have... Also, you can review your stash without having to pull all the boxes out of your closet and dig through it! Oh, the possibilities are endless!

8:38 AM  
Blogger doulicia said...

I can see the benefits already, though I had not considered the specific one of having notes on which needles you were using. I find that I'm bad about that. I think, "Oh, of course I'll remember." and then I end up swatching again to see what I was using.

8:55 AM  

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