Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bitten, Smitten

The whole inter-generational thing is just so cool, sometimes.

[you can either read the next 2 paragraphs or read this summary and then move to paragraph 3: I have become interested in manga because of my son's interest in it.]

My older son, nine-years, has spent the last year getting more and more interested in Manga. His initial interest was fueled by a presentation at our local library by author/illustrator Mark Crilley. Actually, he'd read the Akiko series last year, went to the presentation this year, and followed it up by checking out book after book of "How to Draw Manga," as well as Manga series.

I am the person who took him to the Mark Crilley presentation. Mark does a great reading. He draws while he gives his life story, then reads from one or more of his books, describing as he goes how he came up with various characters' voices. The kids were totally entertained. I was intrigued. Especially when Mark talked about his new series, Miki Falls.

My son bought the first Miki book a few weeks ago. He read it and recommended it to me. I admit at that point it was a low priority for me. Kid stuff.

But one day last week I picked it up out of curiosity. I got hooked. What is more accessible than comic-style storytelling? It was perfect for 15 minutes of reading before bed.

In that serindipitous way life has, our family found itself at Vault of Midnight for the first time on Sunday (again, elder son was instrumental in this). Manga times ten! And there I stumbled across my next reading project:

That's right. An 8-volume Manga of the life of Buddha. The first volume is on hold for me at the library as I write. I'm so excited.



Blogger Bebu said...

It is very exciting indeed. It's awesome that you are so involved in your children's life. I have a friend who was hooked when we were in High School...maybe I should look into it!

11:06 AM  
Blogger Cassie said...

Manga is wonderful ^_^ Its a great interest to share with your kid.

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6:42 PM  
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