Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking back and ahead

We are back from a lovely post-Christmas trip to Nothern Michigan. That only explains a few days of silence here. The rest I chalk up to Christmas, work, being sick, pre-Christmas craziness, work craziness and being sick.

I like to think things are settling down now. Don't we always kid ourselves with that illusion?

Anyway, I just posted my remaining book list from 2006 (the first part is here). I read 18 books last year compared to 26 the year before. [YES, I keep these kind of records. Doesn't everybody?] At first this puzzled me. The books weren't, on average, longer than those read before, nor was I reading less before bed. Then I thought about other times and places I might read and -- aha! -- there it was. Knitting is the culprit. I now knit on the bus, which is time I used to spend reading. I could not have imagined that the different would amount to eight books worth of time, but it's the only explanation that makes sense. Of course, I'll have to see how I fare this year to see if my theory holds water.

The pleasant part of this is that the knitting isn't a poor substitute for reading in my opinion. I look back over what I read and feel pleased with the balance of fiction and non-fiction, candy reading and academic work. If I read less of it than I might otherwise have, but in return produced
  • two baby sweaters
  • one pair of fingerless mittens
  • a cardigan for myself
  • two scarves
  • a "rescue sweater" for my son
then I don't feel badly at all.

As for births, this year I attended eight in total, as follows
  • one stillbirth (whose weight is far greater than all the others in my heart), seven live births
  • one twin birth, six "singlets"
  • one VBAC (the twins), seven vaginal deliveries
  • three mothers that used epidurals, four mothers that did not
  • one family practice physician caregiver, two CNMs, four OB/GYNs
  • one lesbian couple, six heterosexual couples
  • two repeat clients, five new clients (five new friends!)
  • three primips, four multips
I don't have cumulative data off the top of my head but am curious to see it. I think I've been at 25 births now. Still a newbie, but so much more familiar with the "scene" than when I started.

They say you're much more likely to keep your goals if you write them down (and even moreso if you tell them to others...this is both, I guess). Anyway, in 2007, the things I want to try to do, for which I need all the incentive I can get are:
1. Meet with at least one potential donor to the Center each month
2. Run the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K
3. Do less blogging (and blog reading) at work.

That last one may mean less frequent posting. But this blog is still very important to me, as are those of you whom I've gotten to know through this (or your) blog. Here's to another year of education, support and dialogue in our virtual world.


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Happy 2007!

Hugs to you.


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