Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Updates all around

Running: The race Sunday was excellent. I can't remember having fun at a race in a long time. But the weather was perfect (sunny, crisp), I felt great (and ran a respectable time) and my son ran with me the first 3/4 mile (he finished 3 minutes behind me but enjoyed the race, too). And I raised $540 for the Center* to boot.

Knitting: I finished the knit flat hat over the weekend. I will post photos as soon as I take them. It was such a delight that I immediately cast on for a second one in the same yarn. Twins!

Doula work: I gave my client her footbath last week and seem not to have done any long-term damage to our trust relationship. She is nearing 42 weeks' gestation. I really REALLY want her to deliver before the weekend. I'm scheduled to go with a few other moms on an overnight getaway. If she hasn't delivered, I'll have to stay home to wait. I'm embarassed to say that I just assumed she'd be induced before the weekend. I can't remember the last time a client "got to" go past 42 weeks.

I met last week with a college student who plans on going to osteopathic medical school. She had just learned about doulas and was very interested in our wholistic approach to birth. She asked if she could observe a birth.

I'm always torn about these requests. On the one hand, the more people who observe normal birth, the better, especially when these are future caregivers. On the other hand, they become yet another person in the birth environment. And no matter how supportive or unobtrusive an individual is, she is another body in the room, a diminisher of intimacy.

Obviously a doula is this also. In the doula's case, we hope that our support and assistance outweighs the degree of lost intimacy our presence may create.

In this case, I asked my two current clients if they would want an observer (not "would you mind"). I also say that I expect their answer to be "no," but will let them answer for themselves. My November client said she would welcome an observer.

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Blogger Kniterella said...

Those pesky babies start out with a mind of their own. Hope you get to go IF the baby participates. Watched an interesting broadcast in my OB/GYN office a few weeks back covering Doulas - specifically, a hospital in PA(?) Thought how happy you would be.

Thanks for such kind words about my babies. They're growing up before my eyes!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Sandy D. said...

You know, I had a midwife in training present for my daughter's birth, and it was great having an extra pair of hands. Uh, kind of like having a doula would be, I guess. :-/

I think I wouldn't mind if I met the person and thought they wouldn't be too intrusive, and they were willing to get kicked out if my feelings changed during labor.

10:48 AM  
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