Saturday, November 26, 2005

Crazy is as crazy does

You probably have seen by now that Tom Cruise purchased (PURCHASED!) an ultrasound machine so that he and Katie can check their child’s development whenever they want. I don’t do snarky well, so someone else please feel free to comment on the more catty elements of this situation. I will point out, however, that when some women and caregivers refrain from using ultrasounds because their safety is not proven, having amateurs bouncing waves of their baby throughout pregnancy seems irresponsible at best.

And speaking of overzealous lunatics, I saw the movie “Good Night and Good Luck” today. I am not a movie fan in general. They far more often disappoint than reward. Paying full price for a theatre showing is almost always guaranteed to result in my regret.

Fortunately this movie was well worth the fee. It does not bowl one over. Instead, it reminds us that history repeats itself (suspending of civil liberties in deference to political expedience and fear mongering) and that debates over journalistic objectivity as well as the role of television are nothing new.


Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Part of me applauds the excitement they clearly feel and the ownership they are taking in the pregnancy and development of their child. It should be a time when participation is vital, instead of having it just happen to you, right?

And part of me is really annoyed at the fact that we all have to keep hearing (as if it's headline news) what these two are doing. It should be a private, personal time, right?

So I'm confused.

There was also a story this week about Katie Holmes being removed from a movie theatre for using a vibrator-like gadget against her tummy, disturbing others trying to watch a movie. She said that it was good for the baby and others said it was too loud.

So, I say, if you're not going to make it a personal, private time, use your vibrator-gadgets at home, because everyone in the movie-theatre shouldn't have to participate, too.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said...

All I can say about TomKat is
summed up in two words: Case Study.


8:37 AM  

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