Monday, June 06, 2005

An Older and Wiser (and Kinder and Gentler) Doulicia

I turned thirty-six over the weekend. Little to report there other than I enjoyed some carrot cake, dinner out with my family, a pot of mums from the kids and Journey's Greatest Hits from Spouse (against his better judgement, bless him). I bought myself my first "cami." Lookout world! I'm on the downhill side of thiry and wearin' spaghetti straps.

Last week I got hired by the couple I interviewed with recently. She is already in her 39th week, so we are having prenatal meetings left and right, getting me up to speed on her birth hopes and concerns. She is with the nurse-midwife practice that delivered my younger son. I am eager to have a birth with that practice again. It's been nearly a year.

There are two hospitals in Ann Arbor and each has one main nurse-midwife practice that uses it for deliveries. The UM Nurse Midwives deliver at the university hospital and the IHA Nurse Midwives deliver at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. The UM Midwives have three or four times the staff of the IHA crew, which just expanded to three nurse midwives. So as you would expect, I only have about 1 client in 4 of those who are using CNMs that is with the IHA practice.

The power went out -- the result of a big storm -- as I was leaving for last night's prenatal meeting. My clients had power and I forgot about the outage until I pulled in the driveway and saw my husband reading by candlelight at the kitchen window. It was a good excuse to get to bed earlier than usual and enjoy sleeping with the windows wide open. Too bad one neighbor had a generator running loudly. Otherwise I would have easily been able to imagine I was at a remote lake up north, what with the darkness and the silence.

Our seven-year-old alarm clock woke us at six this morning. Sun shining cheerily. Birds calling for mates in the back yard. Still no power, but no need for it really, on a gorgeous spring morning at the start of my thirty-seventh year.


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Congratulations!!! It sounds like a beautiful beginning to another year, how wonderful!

And thanks for the pointer to my blog! :)

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