Saturday, November 20, 2004


When I describe what a doula is, I usually begin with “A doula is a woman trained to assist…” From time to time I’ve wondered whether that is completely accurate. Are there male doulas (or “dudelas” as one enthusiastic dad referred to himself)? Yes there are, though not many. And the one I found seems both bitter about his limited success in the area and a bit “off” besides. This could all have to do with his living in Columbus, which although not as conservative as Cincinnati, is still pretty much an “American values” type city.

I am pleased to report (in response to his complaints about male nurses being excluded from the delivery room) there are male nurses operating in the Washtenaw County (Michigan) delivery rooms. The male nurse who helped me through my older son’s birth is now a nurse-midwife in Toldeo. Last year I was at a birth where the labor nurse was a man. No one seemed to think anything of it. Hopefully this is the norm, not the exception


Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I met a certified DONA (male) doula at the conference this year...he has a lovely Web site that I found when researching this very subject some time ago, and went back to it when looking for sites I liked before making mine.

I think I found the same site you reference (which no longer works, by the way) for the one male doula bothered me somewhat.

Anyway, this fellow is a nice guy, and genuinely concerned with childbirth, in a non-icky way.

He came to doula work via the Licensed Massage Therapist work, and has supported his daughter in labor.


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