Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Good Enough Blog Mother

I am trying to be a good mother to this blog. It is hard to do at times, isn't it, fellow bloggHers? But then I remember that bit of therapy: You don't have to be The Good Mother, just be a good-enough mother. I think I can do that.

Hence, today's post is in the vein of old skool blog posts: collections of links, web logs of visited sites, articles, etc. I want to comment on them,but each would take more time than I can spare at the moment (work is threatening to crush me, our house is for sale as of this past weekend, I have a client due any day now, my elder son turns 10 this week and the younger one has strep...). So I give you these:

1. A documentary I had not heard about, A Walk to Beautiful.

2. An article on the present state of 70s feminists' families and family lives, including Sheila Kitzinger.

3. The annual article giving doulas a bad rap, this time in the New York Times.

4. A support group for "other mothers" in the Bay Area. If you're interested in some good first-person reading on the subject, I recommend, Confessions of the Other Mother: Non-Biological Lesbian Moms Tell All by Harlyn Aizley.

Birth on!

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Anonymous Julie said...

Blog mother? Good thing there's no Blog Protective Services. I'd have lost custody of mine long ago. ;)

5:22 PM  

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