Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey, it's Franklin...

...comin' over to breastfeed.

Last night I met with clients who wanted to review breastfeeding before their baby is born. I had all my handouts and books ready to take when I remembered I usually demonstrate breastfeeding holds with a doll.

Of course, because I am not often asked to talk specifically about breastfeeding, "usually" refers to a handful of times I've covered the topic. How I have had doll-in-hand on these rare occasions is now a bafflement to me. For there is nary a human baby model of any shape or size anywhere in my house.

We have a few 8-inch-high Rescue Heroes, an Ugly Doll and a life-sized bear cub. None seemed remotely appropriate (indeed a few were downright creepy) to put near a breast.

But then I spied gentle, thoughtful Franklin. Franklin is SO about family and feelings. He's curious and honest. Really, who wouldn't take him to the breast?

My clients chuckled through the session, but were able to practice the various breastfeeding holds. Franklin even got a gentle burping from the father-to-be, though he also cautioned that if his child was remotely green, there would be some explaining to do.



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