Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

THIS was on my desk when I arrived at work this morning.

It could have something to do with my taking a half day's vacation last week to hit our LYS's summer sale. And then buying several potential sweaters' worth of yarn (which I neither mentioned nor photographed for posting due to my third pet peeve listed in Monday's post). And then foolishly assuming my Muggle colleagues would understand that half-off yarn MUST BE ACQUIRED when the opportunity presents, even if the cost approximates an iPod Nano.



Blogger T$ said...


I can just see the models when they showed up for that photo shoot.

"what the...I have to wear yarn on my head?!?!??!!!"

And they are wearing ugly sweaters. Is this the real warning you were supposed to heed? "don't knit ugly sweaters..."

7:16 PM  

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