Monday, May 14, 2007


Such a double-edged sword is commitment. Taken seriously -- and I do take my commitments seriously -- it is debt, obligation, duty. It can feel confining: handcuffs. No turning back.

Yet what of significance comes without commitment? Sure, there are occasional lucky turns in life. But they aren't nearly as satisfying as the same end, arrived at through upholding a commitment.

Why this vague philosophizing? Because it was a weekend of commitments. Some begun, some underway, and some completed. All exciting and some slightly terrifying.

Of course, Motherhood is the deepest commitment of my life. Yesterday provided some space in which to reflect on that. You really can't know what you're signing up for when you get pregnant, can you? I wouldn't change a thing so far but I worry about what lies ahead. How on earth do I shepherd two boys into adulthood?

Another commitment of the weekend was to myself. I signed up to run the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K Run. I'm a little nervous about finishing with my pride intact. The race is 3 weeks away. The farthest I've run of late is five miles. I don't doubt I can bump that up by another 1.2 miles by race day. I just worry that my time won't be where I'd like it to be. I am somewhat vain about these things. I'd almost rather run the 5K and kick ass than run the 10K and schlep over the finish line. But I'm commited now. Too late.

Perhaps the most exciting and daunting commitment is to knit a Clapotis for Briar Rose Fibers to use as a display shawl. Yes, Chris was back in town this week for another trunk show. Like a moth to a flame, I beat a path to her display. She had the Morning Glory Wrap on hand for inspection. Beautiful. Every inch.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I left with some beautiful of Fourth of July (photos to come) and a promise to Chris to turn whatever yarn she sends me into a Clapotis. I'm thrilled. I've wanted to make Clapotis for a while. I just was waiting for the right yarn. I also am worried that I'll make a piece of junk that not only won't merit display but will barely make the cut for a toddler's box of dress-up clothes. Fingers don't fail me now!

And in personal knitting commitments, I followed through on Cinxia and continued the Clementine Shawlette. I'll give Cinxia her own post, but here is the Clementine in progress. Photographing lace has its own unique challenges!

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Blogger Heather said...

So funny that we're making (or thinking about making) the same things. Your Clementine Shawlette looks great. (I just finished Clapotis.)

9:13 AM  

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