Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just in time for winter's last blast

I give you the finished Mohican Hat:

Pattern: Morehouse Merino's Mohican Hat

Yarn: Lion Wool Ease Worsted in Ranch Red and Oxford Grey; both left over from the rescue sweater.

Needles: Brittany DPN, size 6

Notes: I followed the pattern exactly, which took some faith. It seemed like it was going to be too small until I had it half-way done. Only then could I believe it might fit a child. I added stripes to use up the yarn and for interest. It probably looks better in one color. But I needed some variety.

I don't think I'll make this again because the spikes took way too long. Each one is 7 cast-on and bound-off stitches. And I must use different tension for one than the other because my spikes consistently curved to the left. I tried loosening my loops but couldn't straighten them. Blocking might have helped but I was not going to fuss with a hat that my son is likely to lose before the snow melts.

Best part of this was using all but about 2 yards of the red yarn.

I take that back. The best part is that my son has worn it every day since I made it, and loves that it keeps his ears warm.

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Blogger Chris said...

That hat is just too darned cute! Isn't it fun having a kid who will wear "funky"??? My son did too!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous naomi dagen bloom said...

great in two colors. i like it better this way than photos showing the original.

btw, your new category, which includes me, is a fine idea for those of us who do not quite fit!

10:35 PM  

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