Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Knitting Update

Much has been happening on the old knitting needles. I've been delinquent in getting the photos off my camera, though. This is something of a catch-up post.

First, the WIP. I call it Blue Racer. It is a sweater of my own design, as I go along, based on my son's request for a v-neck. I decided to make it ribbed (3x2) and picked the colors with some input from the son. I'd planned on letting him pick the yarn, but when he went straight to purple mohair, I realized I'd need to provide some guidance. The sweater is actually now a vest with the sleeves in progress. But the only photos I have are back from when it was only a back. Here it is:

Next, the FOs. Plural! I completed the fingerless mitts for my sister in time for Christmas. They were something of an O'Donnell gift.* I do, however, have a second hank of identical yarn with which to make myself a pair. First the entire glove. The color is true to the yarn:

Pattern: Briar Rose Fibers' Cabled Fingerless Mitts
Yarn: 1 hank ($17) Briar Rose Fibers' Earth Song
Notes: I followed the pattern exactly with the exception of casting on 8 fewer stitches than called for. My sister and I are pretty small boned. I also put the thumb opening one repeat (i.e. 4 rows) sooner than the pattern called for. I didn't think the sleeve part needed to be that long. The yarn was so soft. Perfect for the mitts. I'm delighted.

Here's a closeup of the small cable pattern (and even a bit of straw for authenticity):

Finally, a baby hat I made in less than a week. This was probably a two-hour project once I had it underway. But I used the wrong cast-on the first time. Then I tried casting right on to three DPNs rather than casting on to one and splitting it. This made for huge gaps between the stitches at each of the three needles. After nailing the cast-on, I cruised. THIS is something I need to do more of: projects that finish quickly. Sweaters make me nuts. All the stitching, week after week. Anyway, here's the hat:

Pattern: Child's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: 1 hank handspun from Wild Meadow Angora (60% angora/20% silk/20% merino) purchased at last summer's Michigan Fiber Arts Festival.
Notes: I had to recalculate the stitches because I was a fair bit below gauge (5 sts/inch instead of 4). But it worked. Again, I'm thrilled. This is my first. hat. ever.
And the top view:

This is a gift for my client who's due in a few weeks. She gave me "doulicia;" I'll giver her second-born a hat. I think I'm getting the better end of the bargain!

*"O'Donnell Gift:" A gift given to the recipient with the hope -- indeed, the intent -- that the recipient will not want it and will return it to the giver, who wanted it in the first place. Named for our childhood neighbor brothers, Jim, Chris and Ryan O'Donnell, who for Christmas each year would give each other the gifts they themselves wanted to receive. Hence Jim, in 8th grade, received Stretch Armstrong from Ryan in 3rd.

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Anonymous Julie said...

Beautiful, all. Especially the baby hat. And O'Donnell is very funny!

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you help me find some very soft, very lightweight wool for crochetting (sp?) newborn hats? I don't want cotton, they don't hold the heat as well. And I'm really looking for lime green. I've never bought yarn anywhere other than WalMart or Michaels, so I don't know brands or places or even what the weight is called that is that tiny little thin wool for newborn birth hats. Thanks!! you can email me at onehtmama@gmail.com

12:19 PM  
Anonymous naomi dagen bloom said...

all the knitting here is beautiful. is there something about the year ending that leads one to finishing? just wrote about mine for tomorrow's post. your excellent photos--love the straw-- remind me to pay more attention to close-ups when the camera is willing. sigh.

just wrote about "grandmotherhood" and would be interested in your thoughts. yours, naomi

8:31 AM  

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