Thursday, September 14, 2006

Knitting update

I have had a lot going on in my knitting universe. I have been too busy to get the photos uploaded, though.

When we were on vacation (remember? vacation? four short weeks ago?) we went a hundred and fifty miles out of the way so I could visit the Michigan Fiber Arts Festival. Yes, I bought yarn there. No, I haven't photographed said yarn. I will. In the interim, you can visit the vendor who got most of my dough. The Shantung Silk is lovely, lovely, lovely. I have enough for a summer top. Feel free to point me in the direction of the right pattern.

My garter stitch cardigan is done. DONE! This is the first adult-sized sweater I have made. It fits. I like it. I can't wait to wear and photograph it. Unfortunately I finished sewing it together Monday night and promptly blocked it. Ever since then it has been totally soggy. The danged thing is still drying! And it is a heavy sweater, especially when damp, so I can't exactly put it on a hanger to let both sides try at once. I've been using the kitchen table and turning it every 12 hours or so. Gotta get a drying rack.

And finally, the new projects. About six months ago mother asked for a red scarf to go with her black leather jacket. [I did not know my mother was even the kind of woman to own, let alone accessorize, a black leather jacket.] I got very excited and had big plans for this scarf. I wanted a varigated red yarn that I could use in a fair aisle or mosaic pattern with black. The effect I wanted was a black design on a flame-like background.

I still think it's a great idea. And someday I hope to make that scarf. In the past six months, however, I have realized my short knitting life has not yet given me the knowledge to design such a scarf.

Also, when I showed the awesome yarn I found to my mother, she was less than thrilled. When I took her to a knitting store with me, I quickly learned that softness is her first priority. So out with the varigated wool, in with cashmerino.

After no fewer than six false starts, I have settled on a width and pattern I like. Basically, it's squares of stockinette stitch on a moss stitch background.

I took this photo a few days ago. Now I have 5 squares completed and the thing is really starting to curl in on itself. On the bus the other day a woman asked me if it was a sock. I was hoping there'd be enough moss stitch to counteract stockinette's curl. Now I'm just hoping that blocking will flatten it out.

Either way, I am very pleased with my prettly little stockinette stitches. Now that I am correctly purling, my "v"s line up nicely.



Blogger T$ said...

I finally ventured away from squares and rectangles and started a hat two days ago. I am just now starting to decrease it on double pointed needles! SCARY!

Love the scarf. And so much progress since book group last week!

Rock on knitting sister.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

Heh heh, I can TOTALLY picture your mom in black leather. I bet the scarf will be just fine once it's blocked.

4:42 PM  
Blogger doulicia said...

T$: You GO girl. I want to do some hats -- and even have patterns -- but have not been up to tackling decreases in the round.

Last night I fair isle knitted for the first time. I was pleased with the results, but the going was slow. At some author's recommendation (Elizabeth Zimmerman's?) I'm trying to carry a strand of yarn in each hand, knitting English style with one and continental with the other. Thankfully I only had to do it for two rows!

Julie, thanks for the encouragement.

9:15 AM  

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