Friday, September 01, 2006

I'll take two aspirin; you call me in the morning

I met with my second October client last night. It was a very good meeting. I was a little nervous about it because I knew the father half of this couple, but had never met the mother half. And it was the father half who was initially most interested in having a doula. I was afraid the mother would be skeptical. "And I need a doula why?"

Not to worry. They are both delightful and I expect a very nice birth with them.

While I was at that meeting I got a phone call from my overdue client who said she was having irregular contractions. Following my emphatic instructions to let me know when something changes (instead of calling only at the moment they're ready for which point I have to hustle up child care, get home from work, etc.), she was just checking in.

We talked again after my meeting and I said she should let me know if she needed me overnight. I said it could also be the case that the contractions would fade away at some point. Or else they'd get stronger. It's kinda one or the other. I'm guessing it was the former because I didn't hear from her over night.

If this had been 20 births ago, I'd have spent a restless night waiting for the phone to ring and spinning out plans for child care coverage. I believe I am finally learning that it often amounts to nothing, all that agitation and planning. Especially with first babies labor often takes a few starts and stops. I suspect tonight I'll be called out for the real deal.

Last night I was able to knock down a couple of ibuprofen (the first week back to work after vacation is a bitch!) and drift off to a sound sleep. I'll keep you posted.



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