Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vacation week

I am a little disorganized so the photos are still in the camera. And I didn't even take photos of a lot of the memorable things from vacation. But I returned with some mental equilibrium and even peace. So screw the photos, ya know?

But a few of the highlights:

1. Sailing.
A college friend of my husband lives in Traverse City and brough his sailboat to the lake one day. It's a very small boat, so we had to take turns going out with him. But he was very patient and took each of us for as long as we wanted. I got hooked. Now I'm looking into sailing lessons in the area. Watch out.

2. Kayaking
We rented 2-person kayaks and spent 3 hours going down an uninhabited stretch of the Crystal River. We beached the boats for a half hour and ate a snack while the kids waded in the eponymous waters and chased fish.

3. Yarn stores
I visited three yarn stores in the Leelanau peninsula. The Yarn Shop in Glen Arbor was disappointing -- mostly novelty yarns, only a smattering of supplies (I couldn't find size 5 needles in any form) and two proprietors who were too busy knitting and talking with each other to help me. Lost Art Yarns in TC had a lot of yarn and books but little charm. The yarn was just packed in crates along two narrow walls. Completely functional, but not inviting. Inish Knits in Cedar (a mere crossroads) was the gem. It carries a nice selection of basic and hand-dyed yarns, displayed attractively on old general-store style shelves and counters. The owner, Melissa, was very friendly and helpful. Go there if you're in the area and enjoy fiber.

Less than 24 hours after we returned, I was hosting a reception for donors at the Center. On Monday, my spouse started work with his new employer (a local nonprofit), I switched to a 5-day-a-week schedule (compared to the 4 days I worked when he was a student), and our older son went to my parents for this last week before school starts. Younger son returned to day care for 2 days. Then day care closed for annual in-servicing and my sister-in-law came up from Ohio to babysit the younger child. The college students are returning this week and classes start next week. Work is busy.

And, I have a doula client due any day now.

Breathe. Breathe. Remember sailing, remember floating on the river...

Photos to follow.

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