Monday, July 03, 2006

A doff of my hat

I finally faced reality and removed Red State Moron's link from my blogroll. The site had been MIA for several weeks. Before that, it had been reduced to a weekly link to Grand Rounds. I have been worrying about its author for months, since an enigmatic post alluding to personal issues.

I finally found the answer (of sorts) here. The "moron" himself wrote:

As for the web site formerly known as Red State Moron, I have neither the grace nor savvy of Medpundit who at least wrote a final post. I simply had to discontinue the life support (read weekly acknowledgement of Grand Rounds), and let it go. I am a physician. My writing (such as it is) has not improved since college. Maybe with enough time....

And yeah, the personal issues are a struggle. Still. I remain a father, a son, a friend (to those who can tolerate my enigmatic ways), and a physician. And that is enough for now. I just had to recognize my limitations. 'Cause ya know, "A man's got to know his limitations".
For those of you who didn't visit his blog, Red State Moron gave every impression of being the thoughtful, pro-woman, pro-birth doctor (in maternal-fetal medicine no less!) that we doulas wish we could encounter more often than we do. I was deeply touched that he linked to this blog (and Milliner's Dream's) in his "Obstetrical Colleagues" category. It really is the highest compliment this blog has ever been paid.

I am sorry to hear that RSM is still dealing with personal issues, but so happy to see that he is continuing his work with pregnant women.

Please join me in thanking him for his reflective, informative posts and contribution to the realm of reproduction.


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