Monday, July 03, 2006

Between two worlds

Tomorrow is Independence Day and Saturday was Canada Day. Here I am wedged between the two holidays with a work day half over.

We celebrated Canada Day with Bookworm and her family. We both share a fascination with and envy of Canada, so it was only fitting that we spend the day together drinking Mooshead and Labatt's.

If you weren't aware of Canada Day, let me refer you to Yarn Harlot for reasons to celebrate it next year.

Tomorrow will be the traditional Fourth of July parade here in Ann Arbor, which the kids have been awaiting and discussing for weeks and weeks. I wrote last year about the reasons why I love the parade. I can add a new one this year: I have it on good authority (I work with one of the parade organizers) that Washtenaw Dairy will be giving away 1000 Bomb Pop popcicles along the parade route from their 1950's era ice cream truck.

You can not know the reverence my younger son has for the ice cream truck. It has only come down our street twice this summer, but that has not stopped him from developing an obsession with its tinkling "turkey in the straw" tune and side-panel menu. Each night after dinner -- not unlike Linus in "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" -- he waits in the front yard for the ice cream truck to come. Suddenly, he freezes, cocks his head and raises a hand to silence the rest of the world. Then he shouts, "THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!" And begins looking up and down the street for it. Invariably it comes close -- the music gets louder and louder -- but never appears. And still, my son is calmed, just by hearing it in the vicinity.

So. We will be at the parade tomorrow, you can bet.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.


Anonymous Julie said...

Not only fitting, but very fun!

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