Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eating Disorders and Postpartum Depression

Researchers appear to have found a strong link between a history of bulimia and postpartum depression. An easy-to-understand article summarizing the survey results is available here and the results themselves are available in the International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Obviously doulas can mention this to their clients, particularly if you know your client has a history of binge eating. Few clients will disclose that, however, so it can also be included in a general discussion of the many factors that can elevate one's risk of PPD.


Blogger Sarahthedoula said...

In my prenatal package that I give to new clients, I also include a rough timeline of postpartum recovery (muscles, joints, organs, hormones, emotions etc) I also include information on PPMD including risks factors and the "Unhappiness self assessment" from my DONA training. I had heard of a general connection between eating disorders and PPdepression, but not the specific bulimic connection. Hm.

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