Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mazel Tov!

Earlier this week I went to the bris for my most recent clients' son. Can I just say how much I admire Judaism? I am not pro-circ, but I can abide it when there are 4,000 years of tradition behind it. And what a nice ritual for welcoming the new baby into his community, for giving the parents an opportunity to hear blessings and praise, for the baby's name to be shared and explained with those who will love and help care for him.

Unrelatedly, I am having a bit of a doula dilemma. I am interviewing in 2 weeks with a woman who is expecting twins, plans to deliver them vaginally, and for whom this would be her third VBA2C birth.

The dilemma? Bad timing. I would love to be at a twin birth, a VBAC birth, a multip birth. However, it's likely to be a month or less from now (given that twins often arrive early) and the past month has been crazy busy.

My head is saying "waive off!!" My doula heart is saying "What an opportunity." Maybe I, like the baby at the bris, need to drink some wine, have a good cry, and take it from there.