Saturday, August 06, 2005

My meagre stats

Looking at T$'s blog and her tally of birth stats so far, I thought I'd check in, too.

17 births so far

15 vaginal deliveries
2 Cesarean deliveries (1 scheduled, 1 unscheduled)

10 delivered with CNMs (including 1 whose baby was delivered by an OB by Cesarean section)
6 delivered with OBs (including the other Cesarean section)
1 delivered with a family practice doctor

10 had natural deliveries (1 with a family practice doctor, 9 with CNMs)
7 had epidural anesthesia (including the two Cesarean births, of course)

All breastfed after birth, but 4 stopped breastfeeding by 2 months' time because of breastfeeding frustrations/complications. All of these women had either long epidurals ( 20, 9 and 8 hours respectively) or a Cesarean delivery.

The remining 14 clients, all of whom breastfed until at least nine months, had natural births or shorter-duration epidurals (3 and 5 hours respectively) with the exception of the client with a scheduled Cesarean.

Obviously a sample size of 17 means nothing. But this data is dramatically different from the 25% Cesarean section rate and the 90% epidural rate at area hospitals.


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You continue to inspire me.


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Hey... This doesn't really belong here, but I thought that it might interest you:


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