Friday, April 01, 2005

Grab Bag

Another calm and unexpected home birth reported at this site. What is it with the British?

Actually I have a an idea. I think they cover birth a lot more in their on-line news than I see here. If you go to google news and type in "birth" or "midwife" or any other word, about half the stories that come back have ".uk" addresses. Considering the comparative populations of Britain and the U.S., this says something. Birth just is not as much in the news here. 'Cause I gotta think plenty of Americans are having unplanned home births.

Now to the Friday fun show:

1) Check out this film depicting "Birth Man." It's in Spanish, but the point is not lost! The link comes courtesy of ICAN. April, by the way, is Cesarean Awareness Month. Incidentally, April is also the Month of the Young Child.

2) Let's talk impacted feces. Doesn't this look like it occupies more volume than a uterus with a full term baby? But without nine months to adapt to the situation. This link courtesy of Dr. Andy.

Spouse says if I'm linking to poo pictures, I should get in the bed. I think he's right.


Blogger Julie said...

Birth Man had more of an effect on me because I couldn't understand the words -- just the tone of voice. I'm wondering what's the purpose of that video. Is it meant to show how insensitive and unpleasant hospital births can be? If so, what was the purpose of having it be a man? Or is it meant to be funny? Wish I knew Spanish.

7:57 AM  

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