Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Calling All Doulas (and Prospective Doulas); Calling all Moms

It's finally up on-line: registration for the 2005 DONA conference this summer in Washington D.C. I sure hope some of you friends I've met on-line are planning to go. We could have a doula bloggers (and blog readers) drink together!

And now, a question I've been wanting to ask for over a week: What was/is your favorite item of maternity clothing?

I had one March baby and one September baby. For the March one I loved these floral print, corduroy Laura Ashley overalls. They weren't maternity, but you know how everything Laura Ashley makes is loose in the waist. For my September birth I had black capri pants and a blue gingham 3/4-sleeve button-front shirt that were so summery. Every stitch of maternity clothing I wore (except underclothes) was borrowed. Thank you Robbie, Marnie and Dora-Maria for the items listed above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite with Jake was a long sleeved jumpsuit. The pant part was thin corduroy, tan with large black floral print and the top was black cotton, zipper down the front. Sounds hideous but I thought it was pretty and it sure was comfy. That was loaned out and never returned and as there are 4 years between the boys it was probably out of style anyway, but that wouldn't have stopped me from wearing it. I bought it with my employee discount at Motherhood.

Favorite with Kai was a huge cotton floral sleeveless dress. It had pockets! I love pockets. It was deep yellow with pink and olive flowers. I would sometimes put a long olive colored waffle weave patched shirt over it and that made me feel very punk. Someone gave it to me who was done having babies and it had very good energy. I don't care how silly that sounds, it was true. I loved that dress so much that I actually changed into it during active labor and made John take a last pregnancy photo of me in my favorite dress. And! It had a few buttons down the front so I wore it during the first few months of nursing until the dress just looked too big and ridiculous on me. I can't wait to pull that sucker out again some day.

Great question!


1:49 PM  
Blogger doulicia said...

Great Answers! I know of two moms who've labored in the same clothes (not each other's clothes) for the births of their 2 kids because they felt like there was such good energy in them.

The dress sounds awesome. I think I'd need to see you in the jumpsuit! I'm envious of the Motherhood employee discount!

11:11 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Easy! The incredible gray cable-knit sweater you lent me that your mother-in-law had made. I wore it all winter when I was pregnant with Lena. I never needed a coat. And that thing was gorgeously, perfectly made. It wasn't just an oversized sweater. It was really a maternity sweater, with short-row shaping to make it bigger in front. All the rest of my maternity clothes were so ugly, and I felt so fat and yucky, but that gray sweater lifted my spirits amazingly.

Yeah, great question!

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