Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools?

Courtesy of

  1. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.
  2. One who acts unwisely on a given occasion: I was a fool to have quit my job.
  3. One who has been tricked or made to appear ridiculous; a dupe: They made a fool of me by pretending I had won.
Can we call women who choose Cesarean births for convenience fools? Here's a report from a Florida hospital where Cesarean deliveries exceeded vaginal births last year.

April is National Cesarean Awareness Month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you told me never to come back, but I just couldn't stay away.


8:37 AM  
Blogger doulicia said...

Remember, I didn't tell you to stay away; I said you might not want to finish reading my post where I was describing my "groomin' and pickin'" fetish.

Welcome back.

9:58 AM  

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