Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The past week has brought us a streak of oddly bad luck. Not hugely bad. Not irreversibly bad. But bad nontheless.

It began with my spouse's accidentally teaching our two-year-old The F Word last Wednesday and culminated (well, hopefully culminated) yesterday with a neighbor's house being raided by LAWNET because it had a meth lab in the basement.

In between those bookends we also had our basement drain back up and flood a small puddle into the basement, the driver's side window of the car we park on the street smashed out in a random act of vandalism, Husband sprain his toe falling on the ice on his walk into campus AND Husband break a tooth, necessitating an $800 crown (of which insurance will cover exactly $0).

See? Nothing on par with a major health crisis or a natural disaster. And yet the cumulative effect, especially when coupled with the near zero temperatures and the kids' incessant runny noses, is to make me feel like hoping the next plane for the Carribean.


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