Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ectopic Topic

Illness at our house continues. We’re developing a real knack for sequencing such that at least one of us is under the weather at all times and one or two others are exhausted because of it.

This gets me thinking about women who go into labor while they’re sick. Can you imagine? Labor is a challenge under the best of circumstances. To already be physically run down or undernourished must make it a real trial. I wasn’t able to find any accounts of women who went through labor when they had the flu or a cold.

I did, however, find a story about a baby who was delivered from an ectopic pregnancy at 37 weeks by Cesearian section. They weren’t aware the pregnancy was outside the uterus until they opened the mother up and the baby wasn’t in the uterus>. “"It was very surprising. I explored the abdominal cavity and felt the feet," said the doctor who did the delivery.

And while on the subject of ectopic pregnancy, last month the FDA announced that RU-486 will be getting stronger warning labels. There is concern that in women with ectopic pregnancies, the drug can cause excessive internal bleeding. Reproductive rights watchdogs say this is just a Republican effort to further restrict the drug’s use.


Blogger Sage Femme said...

whoa! that was an amazing story!

4:01 PM  
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